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Quote: “David Harvey points to the ‘uneven geographical development of neoliberalism’ and the complex ways in which political forces, historical traditions, and existing institutionally occurred.”

Comment: China’s development into the mid 1990s started to pull away from the belief of neoliberalism.  The central party state has grown stronger in its managerial and fiscal capacity.  The state has created a “cadre responsibility system,” which would fix the monitoring and evaluation of local leaders.  The state has the option now to show selective capacity on certain leaders they want to watch.  For fiscal capacity, China developed a “tax sharing scheme” (TSS), which would help fix the central imbalance of economic matters.  TSS has shifted the fiscal power from the local provinces to the central government, which now means the provinces rely on the state for revenue.

Question: Did most people agree with the gradually shift from following neoliberalism to having the state control the main economic powers in China?

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