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Rising China

Quote: “Since their [China and India] economic organization is quite compatible and their strengths have sufficient complementarity, it might not be impossible task for Asia’s two successful developmental states to mobilize their impressive resources in key areas that contribute not only to solidifying the two economies’ sustained growth but also to creating ‘a joint economic infrastructure’ that would lead to long term commonality in economic-geopolitical interest between two societies.”

Comment: Borocz argues that if China and India really united, they could create an enormous power range on the economic global system if shifted correctly.  Working with the same educational, cultural, research, and person to person exchanges are a few ways that could help join the two countries together.  Originally, China and India economic joint goes back to the fifteenth to the mid-nineteenth century.  The two Asian countries weren’t nearly as close to success as the Western European countries until the 1900s.  Borocz also argues that Russia could potential collaborate with China and India, since its “geopolitical identity has always had an Asian component.”  This could form a powerful economic growth for Asia.  There are many economic obstacles though, that have to be cleared before this collaboration can really reach attainable growth.

Question: Would this “joint economic infrastructure” option help many other countries into a possible economic growth?

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